Mobilis chooses Mercedes. The contract is signed

On February 24, EvoBus Polska signed a contract with Mobilis regarding purchase of 54 low-floor Mercedes Conecto G buses. The Polish dealer of Mercedes and Setra presented the best offer to Mobilis. Vehicles, which will be acquired by the company, will be sent to service in public transport of Warsaw.

The new buses will debut in the capital in August and the entire service covered by the tender will be continued for the next seven and a half years. These are the terms of the tender, which was won by Mobilis last year in Warsaw. More information on this topic can be read here. It’s worth mentioning that these are first in four years Mercedes buses on the streets of the capital. In 2012, MZA purchased 60 Conecto G buses as well.

“We congratulate Mobilis for winning the tender in Warsaw. We are proud that Mobilis chose Mercedes-Benz articulated buses and in the same time we can offer to Warsaw residents the highest standards of safety and comfort in public transport. Signing the contract, we continue successful cooperation between our companies.”- said Antonio Cavotta, General Manager of EvoBus Polska.

“Operation of public transport in Warsaw is for us an important area, in which we want to improve and develop. Along with the start of performance of the latest contract, the Warsaw fleet of Mobilis will have more than 300 vehicles, which will strengthen our position as the biggest private operator of public transport in the capital. This time, tender requirements were very high. Thanks to cooperation with EvoBus Polska, we are certain that the highest quality and comfort of travel will be maintained. What’s more, all vehicles (including Mercedes) will be meeting the most stringent European emission standard Euro 6.”- that’s how the choice of Mobilis was argued by its General Manager, Dariusz Załuska.

Mercedes Conecto G buses are equipped with full air conditioning of passenger space and driver’s cab. In addition, buses are provided with dynamic passenger information system along with announcements, also outside the bus, and monitoring system of bus interior. The entire passenger information system will be delivered by the Polish company Zakład Elektroniczny SiMS from Bydgoszcz. Vehicles will be provided with ticket machines.

Buses will have a new standing engine Mercedes OM 470LA with 265 kW in power. The unit reaches maximum torque at 1700 Nm. Its engine cylinder capacity is 10.7 l. The engine can be distinguished by very advanced and heavy duty design. Other features include two camshafts mounted on top, Common Rail injection system, and high pressure injection up to 2100 bars.

In terms of exhaust cleaning, the latest engines are based on BlueTec6 technology developed by Mercedes. It includes a closed particulate filter working in combination with the SCR system that has been operating successfully for many years and oxidation catalyst. In addition, the system is completed with cooled gas recirculation system. In particular, particulate and nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced to the level that is at the limit of detection.

It is not only a clean-operating engine, but it also uses less fuel than its predecessor. It can be achieved thanks to electronically controlled two-stage air compressor and controlled auxiliary subassemblies with battery and generator control system. Along with transition to Euro VI, reduction in fuel usage has been accompanied by decreasing consumption of AdBlue and engine oil.

Another feature is long service intervals and long life of subassemblies. Drivers can take advantage of good acceleration thanks to high torque, achieved even at speeds below 1000/min, and high performance engines. Passengers appreciate first of all quiet operation of propulsion systems. It can be accomplished not only by engine design, but also new insulation made from “sandwich” panels mounted on the side of passenger compartment. It consists of two exterior metal sheets and insulation layer placed between them. From the side of passenger compartment, insulation material is covered additionally by plastic coating.

Conecto G Euro VI bus has distinct back features that make it easy to recognize; its coolant expansion tank is placed on top behind a special cover on the roof. It gives the vehicle a dynamic look. There are also newly designed engine cover and service flaps on the left side.

Engines in all Conecto G buses have vertical tower design, standing from the left side in the back of vehicle. It provides not only possibility of full lowering of the floor from the front entrance to the back, but also easy operation through comfortable access to subassemblies from outside the bus.

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