Moderus Beta trams made by MODERTRANS POZNAŃ are provided with devices made SiMS

Moderus Beta trams travel on Wrocław tracks with dynamic passenger information system made by SIMS.

The contract was signed in 2015; MODERTRANS POZNAŃ won a bid to manufacture for the city of Wrocław six new, air conditioned, partially low-floor Moderus Beta trams. It is another successful production of devices for vehicles of the City Transport Enterprise in Wrocław by Zakład Elektroniczny SIMS. Trams were accessorized with advanced electronic systems.

The contract included providing all trams with dynamic passenger information system, mobile monitoring system, and automated fare collection system. LED information displays and LCD panels were installed in every vehicle. As regards passenger information, we also implemented conveniences for the visually impaired in the form of side information display dedicated to them. Passenger safety is assured by the monitoring system, which includes a set of cameras and recording devices of NVR type. These devices guarantee not only quality, but also continuity of recordings under difficult conditions as well as preview online.

The strength of this complex system of devices and software is not only its technological innovativeness, but also the possibility of control of vehicle operation en route with the use of online diagnostics. The essence of this solution is to maintain safety of travelers. Equipment can operate under difficult conditions and is resistant to any shakes, which guarantees its reliability and high quality. It was made in accordance with the European quality standards. The operation of Zakład Elektroniczny SIMS is focused on high quality product and customer service.

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