Let’s talk about Mobilis. SiMS debuts in Warsaw

Let’s talk about Mobilis. SiMS debuts in Warsaw


On August 9, Mobilis signed a new contract to operate bus lines in Warsaw. The carrier received a total of 108 vehicles for its needs. After a modernized depot of Solaris Urbino 8.9LE and Mercedes Conecto G, it’s time for something else. Let’s talk about the passenger information system made by SiMS of Bydgoszcz.

SiMS debuted in Warsaw, installing SIP (passenger information system) in 108 new vehicles of Mobilis. The systems meet very high requirements posed to the supplier by the Public Transport Authority in Warsaw. New devices installed onboard vehicles include advanced line information system, monitoring system, recording video footage in HD quality and passenger counting system.

The latter one, at the stage of acceptance, achieved a very high accuracy, with error threshold up to 3%. The modern line information system controller, known as SIL, was built based on an industrial computer, high contrast LCD display and capacitive touchscreen panel. Communication between individual systems and individual components takes place via Ethernet.

Internal LCD panels and voice announcement system inform passengers about travel and possible transfers, which significantly facilitates travel across our nation’s capital. The monitoring system offers maximum safety during travel. For the Public Transport Authority it is a top priority. SiMS, having almost 30 years of experience, has met these requirements.

SiMS is a company with exclusively Polish capital. It employs over a hundred workers, including a team of designers, who developed many innovative solutions; it recently designed a system for positioning a pantograph.


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