Innovation and quality in public transport

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SiMS – Innovation and quality in public transport

Those who commute daily using public transport are well aware of the fact how important is information on performance of public transportation service. Zakład Elektroniczny SiMS is one of the leaders in production of dynamic passenger information systems, mobile monitoring and vehicle diagnostics. The strength of company is based primarily on innovation, taking on new challenges and an extensive offer of high quality products. Stop displays, information displays mounted in vehicles, onboard computers, video recorders and cameras – are only some of them.

– We help to travel – that’s a brief response on the key activity of the company given by the General Manager of Zakład Elektroniczny SiMS. - How? By delivery of full information presented on electronic media of passengers. It includes, among others, route number, departure time and stop name. It makes travel by public transport comfortable, pleasant and safe – he continues.

- Systems are constantly upgraded and improved by our design team in order to meet expectations of our customers. Hard work focused on highest quality led to the IRIS certification (International Railway Industry Standard). It is one of the most prominent standards in the transport industry, recognized worldwide. With such tool we are always two steps ahead.

Another equally important event in activity of our company was performance of a project abroad. This year, our focus is on implementation of two new systems in the cities of Cracow and Wrocław.

In Cracow, approx. 70 vehicles will be comprehensively accessorized with monitoring systems inside and outside, information displays, ticket punches and ticket machines integrated with the Cracow City Pass. Currently, works are underway on installation in vehicles; since August 1, the newly accessorized vehicles will travel in the old capital of Poland.

SiMS puts special emphasis on relations with customers; therefore, presence on trade fairs and meetings with contracting parties constitute an important part of our work, which allows to determine their specific expectations. During this year’s International Security Fair SECUREX, our mobile network recorder eS-NVR-2000, a professional product, was very popular among visitors. These devices are used primarily in public transport vehicles. Their greatest strengths include reliability, functionality and a broad range of video recording.

Our strategic goals for the coming years include design, production and delivery of innovative solutions developed according to the highest standards. Hopefully we can keep it up !

Agata Paziewska
Gazeta Prawna

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