European Mobility Week 2021

European Mobility Week 2021 – Zakład Elektroniczny SIMS joins the action!

European Mobility Week 2021
European Mobility Week 2021

European Mobility Week 2021 is an initiative to encourage people to change habits that are bad for health and the environment. Specifically, it’s about choosing eco-friendly means of travel, such as bicycling and public transportation. And if someone already has to drive their own car to work, it’s a good idea to find co-passengers. Anywhere we can get to on foot is worth taking advantage of these options, whether it’s shopping at a nearby store, the gym or the pool.

Many cities prepare various attractions, such as contests with prizes, happenings, field games, excursions, picnics, workshops or festivals. People who travel by public transport can count on cheaper tickets or new bus or tram connections. For obvious reasons, the action is most promoted in large cities, where the traffic load is the highest. Each year has a different message directed at participants, such as “Multimodality”, whose slogan is “Mix and Move” or “Clean, Shared and Intelligent Mobility”, with a theme entitled “Sharing Mobility”.

European Mobility Week is an idea that was introduced by the European Commission in 2002. Already the first edition attracted more than 400 local governments from 23 countries, and in subsequent years the number of volunteers increased. Russia, South Korea, Venezuela or Vietnam. Poland also takes part in the action. The timing of this event covers the days from 16 to 22 September, and the culmination of the organizers’ efforts is the European Car Free Day on the last day.

European Mobility Week
European Mobility Week 2021

European Mobility Week 2021

European Mobility Week action translates into tangible benefits in terms of individual and organisational transport habits. On the one hand, people use the bicycle or the bus for longer, on the other hand, in many cities we can see the development of road infrastructure (for example through investments in bicycle lanes and regulations in speed limits. City bicycles are also becoming more and more popular to get you to your destination cheaply and quickly.

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