SMKZ, GSM, BT communication modules

SMKZ (SIMS Short Range Modem) industrial radio modem is prepared for installation in vehicles that provide supply voltage between 16V and 36V. It provides radio communication between vehicle and access point. Access points can include base station at the depot, dynamic stop information system, traffic supervision system. With the use of SMKZ radio modem data is exchanged between the onboard computer installed in the vehicle and an access point. Exchange of information is bidirectional, i.e. configuration data is sent to the onboard computer, whereas registers containing information on vehicle operation is sent in the opposite direction (from the computer).

Use for transmission of the radio link working at 868 MHz frequency in ISM band releases the user from holding permits and does not require subscription fees. The device allows for preliminary diagnostics of operation without the need of specialized equipment.

LEDs placed on the housing signal the work status of the device:

  • Data transmission to an external device, Data reception from an external device,
  • Data transmission via 868 MHz antenna,
  • Data reception via 868 MHz antenna, Power supply status.

Communication between the radio modem and the onboard computer takes place with the use of RS-422 or RS-485 bus. SMKZ is protected against reversed voltage polarity (supply of reversed polarity voltage will not damage the modem), excessive power usage (a polymer fuse is placed inside the device) and has protection of RS-422/RS-485 transmission link against excessive voltage supply (max 50V), shorted to common ground and to transmission line.


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