SB / BMKZ stationary communication modules

Dedicated equipment provided with an industrial computer operating based on the Linux system.

The base station situated in the depot supervises vehicles with the use of the following transmission media:

  • BMKZ radio modem (communication takes place via the radio link operating at 868 MHz frequency in the ISM band – it does not require permit and fees for service),
  • Bluetooth modem (with omni or sector antenna) communication takes place via radio link operating at a frequency of 2.4 GHz,
  • • GPRS modem (communication takes place via any cellular phone network).

When the base station and vehicles are equipped only with radio modem then communication with vehicles takes place only in the depot. The base station searches for a specific vehicle using its ID, connects with it and asks for data. When the base station has data more recent than in the vehicle, then it will be sent to it. Data transmission is done in group and all vehicles that are within the range of radio modem receive data packages.

Some vehicles receive complete data and some only partial packages (vehicles which stayed in the depot for a short time).


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