Route display boards TD

TD route display boards constitute part of the Passenger Information System mounted in public transportation vehicles.

They serve to inform passengers waiting on stops or platforms about the line number and the name of destination or station to which a given vehicle travels. They are made based on LED technology with increased brightness and a high angle of light. The use of diodes of this type in TD displays allows to achieve perfect visibility of displayed contents. The displays, depending on the user’s needs, make possible displaying of text at a various size of fonts, in one or two verses. In addition, there is a possibility of presenting various contents on several displays in the same time. Communication between the route display board and the control device takes place with the use of bus system with RS485 interface, Ethernet or a different transmission system selected by the customer.

TD route display boards use automatic control of diode light intensity, in order to automatize the process of adjustment of display brightness to the surrounding (day/night). Display brightness fluctuations were eliminated thanks to the use of hysteretic control, making its change only several seconds after the change in the surrounding conditions. This solution prevents flickering of the board when it is lit by an oncoming vehicle.

The boards can operate in a wide range of temperatures, from -20°C to +70°C.


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