LED stop displays

Stop displays constitute an integral part of the extended Dynamic Passenger Information System. They are installed on stops, platforms, stations and transport hubs.

Stop displays show information regarding travel from a given stop, position or platform. They display information regarding estimated or scheduled time of departure/arrival of a given line in a specific direction. Moreover, the displays show the name of the stop, on which the display is mounted with the current time. In addition to the information mentioned above, the displays can also present information that is specially prepared by the Traffic Control Center and additional announcements, as well as advertisements.

Stop displays made by SiMS are based on super bright LED technology assuring perfect visibility in all weather conditions, any time day or night. Software controlling the displays allows for their remote diagnostics. Dedicated processor systems control operation parameters of power supply, fans and display temperature.

Transmission medium for displays can be LAN, RS485, fiber optic, and GSM modem. In the case of loss of communication, the display equipped with two transmission media allows for automatic switch to a spare medium, which guarantees continuous operation of the display.

Due to the fact that stop displays are frequently exposed to vandalism and severe weather conditions, their design includes strengthened powder-coated steel housing, and the matrix was coated with polycarbonate anti-reflective sheet. There is a possibility of selecting any RAL color of housing. Displays can be easily mounted on polls, pylons and walls.


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