LCD stop displays

Stop displays constitute an integral part of the extended Dynamic Passenger Information System. They are installed on stops, platforms, stations and transport hubs.

Stop displays show information regarding timetables at a given stop, position or platform. Information displayed on them applies to estimated or scheduled time of departure/arrival of a given line in a specific direction. Moreover, the displays show the name of the stop, on which the display is mounted with the current time. In addition to the information mentioned above, the displays can also present information that is specially prepared by the Traffic Control Center, additional announcements, and advertisements.

LCD stop displays made by SiMS are based on high quality LCD matrix. Thanks to a wide angle of view, vertical and horizontal, amounting to 178°, contents presented are very legible. LCD stop displays allow to present full-screen graphic information.

The devices allow the user to feature several fields displaying different information on the screen.


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